Saturday Morning Motivation #6

This week was the first full week of school and I was TIRED!  Every day required a lot of self-talk and motivation to get out there and get all my runs in this week.  I am happy that I completed all of them, some even better than I anticipated given the return of the heat and humidity by Thursday.  So for this week’s Saturday Morning Motivation, I’m going to share what motivated me each day to get out there and run.

Monday’s Motivation:  COOLER TEMPS!

I was thrilled when the temperature on Monday was seasonably cooler and drier.  It was a dream to be able to get out there and run in such great temps.  I had my staggered hills and it is probably the first time that I actually enjoyed running them.  It’s amazing how cooler temps can motivate us to get out there and run!

Tuesday’s Motivation: NO MEETING AFTER SCHOOL

Nothing is more motivating than checking my email and seeing that our proposed meeting for the day was rescheduled!  I really was dreading having to run later due to the meeting and disrupting our night time routine. But instead, I arrived home, changed clothes and headed out in the neighborhood for an easy 3.  While I was gone, Nick started dinner and we enjoyed the evening together.

Wednesday’s Motivation: Runnerdude’s Race Training Group

For a few weeks now, Cara and I have been crashing the Runnerdude group run on Wednesday.  Cara trained with Thad (Runnerdude) for Richmond Marathon and he also created my training plan for Wrightsville Marathon.  Now that I’m training for another marathon, it’s great to head out there to run with his race trainers.  There are usually 20-30 runners out there, all running various workouts, but all out there together.  It was awesome this week!  We all headed out for an out and back on the Greenway and as we passed each other everyone was cheering each other on and Thad was out there encouraging everyone.  It was exactly what I needed to tackle that 50 minute progression!

Thursday’s Motivation: EASY MILEAGE

I went out to run at 3:30pm right after school with a mid-day temp of 92 with a ton of thick air and humidity.  I picked the worst route ever, full sun for most of it too.  Knowing that I only had 3 miles and that they were easy was the only thing that got me through that run.  I was done on my way heading back and I was never so happy to see 1.5 miles on my watch, knowing that it was time to turn around.

Friday’s Motivation: A 3 Day Weekend

All that stood between me and the weekend was one little mile.  What could motivate someone more?! 🙂

What motivated you this weekend?  What made you lace up those shoes and head out to run or workout?  Share it with me!

Join in on the fun!  Share what motivated you this week!

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