Favorite Workouts

This week’s Let’s Talk Training is all about our Favorite Workouts!  I’m always excited to share my favorite workouts and also to learn about some new ones too.  Nothing better than keeping workouts fresh and doing something new helps keep me motivated.

So what are my favorite workouts?!  Well obviously running would be my number one choice.

1. Running

Why?  I love what running has done for me personally.  For me, running has little to do with the actual health benefits, but much more about what it does for me mentally and emotionally.  There is nothing more satisfying than lacing up, hitting the pavement, and just running.  Running provides the stress release that I much need and without it, I’d be even more high strung than I already am.  Some of my friends are probably thinking, “Girl, lace up and run more!” I can be a bit of a pain and rarely just go with the flow, but I’m a work in progress and trying to get better each day.  Thankfully, running is there to help!  The other upside of running is the social aspect of it.  Running has given me some of my greatest gifts, my friends.  The people I have met through running are amazing!  The goals and stories that they tell are so inspiring and I can’t help but motivated by all that goodness.  10641277_10204627135300866_727407789530000967_n2. BodyPump

I was first introduced to BodyPump (BP is what we all call it) about 2 years ago by my friend, Christie.  I had no idea that I would love it as much as I do now.  The thing that appealed to me the most was that as you work your way through the class, you never repeat a muscle group so you can take risks and up your weight without any worry of having to go back to it later in class.  I try to get to a class at least once a week, but I haven’t been to a class in at least a month, sadly.  Once I get back on a better schedule with school, I plan on heading back.  It has become my go-to cross training and I feel like it’s helped me a lot as a runner. 

3. Pilates

I am a newbie to Pilates and I am so upset I never jumped on the bandwagon earlier!  I have been missing out!  Cara and I hit our first Pilates class over the summer and we loved it.  It’s like yoga on steroids to me.  It’s everything I love about yoga, the mind and body connection, but it isn’t as “chill” as yoga.  Pilates is a bit more of a challenge and I like the variety more of the moves than yoga. I feel like it fits my personality better.  I’ve since joined a 21 day challenge through The Balanced Life and it is awesome!  We have a daily intention and Pilates video and it has been so enjoyable.  I really hate to see it end!  My friend, Carole and I are already looking for alternatives once we reach the end next Friday.  We hope that Robin hosts another challenge sometime soon.

4. Stretching

Not really a workout as much as a necessity.  I just really enjoy some good ol’ stretching.  I do it consistently every night before I go to bed.  I keep my yoga strap next to my bed and do a few really good leg stretches while laying in my bed.  Probably not the best place to do it, but it works for me.  I also find it really relaxing.  I do leg, IT band and hip stretches nightly.  I find that a lot of times I can’t stretch properly after a run, so committing to doing it nightly helps a lot.

5. Monthly Challenges

Each month, some of my runnergirls and I search for monthly strength challenges that we want to attempt.  Most of us choose some sort of ab challenge and add in something else, maybe arms or legs or booty.  We have a group on Facebook where we post daily on how we are keeping up with our workouts and challenges.  It helps us stay motivated and the extra encouragement is awesome!  I have to admit that I’m sometimes awful at doing them daily, but I try to include at least one other workout with my daily running.  The challenges for me too a backseat when I started the Pilates challenge.

So there you have it!  My favorite workouts!  I can’t wait to see what others write about.  Maybe I’ll be adding to this list which would be awesome!

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Happy Week!






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19 thoughts on “Favorite Workouts

  1. I love body pump and pilates! I also like the challenges idea. I like to do that with my family – it brings out a fun, competitive streak in everyone. Plank challenges, jump box challenges, jump rope without missing…all kid-friendly ways to encourage fitness. Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. I like pilates a lot too, but haven’t been doing that much lately. :[ Stretching seems to be something that I never incorporate into my workouts, even though I really should. x_x I need to get on that!

  3. Welcome to the link up! Great to see your post- I need to get to Pilates classes from what I hear they are awesome! I guess I can add that to my repertoire of like 10 different cross trainings that I already do ha! I’m bad at stretching that’s why I do yoga.

  4. I am so glad I for finally discovering a way to combine strength training with running. These are my favorite workouts. It took a lot of out of the box thinking, but it seems that I found out a way to do it. 🙂

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