Weekly Rundown – Marathon Training Week 8

Another week down for marathon training!  This week was not without some ups and downs though.  I’m really ready for some cooler weather to make its way here to NC.  The heat and humidity are just sucking the life out of me some days.

Marathon Training: 8 down, 10 to go!weeklyrundown


I will end the week with 33-35 miles depending on how many I run later today.  This was my last building week and I’ll finally back down next weekend.  I’m so excited to only have a 10 miler!  My week started with a really strong 5 mile steady state.  I kept it together and even for all 5 miles.  I felt really good when I finished and could have kept running which was good.  I ran just a mile on Tuesday, saving my energy for Wednesday’s run.  I headed back to school on Wednesday and unfortunately, the air conditioner in the room I’m in went kaput! By mid-afternoon, it was up to 93 degrees and I was just soaked.  I worked on and off in the room and I was just completely beat by run time came around.  Cara and I decided to just run 6 miles and forgo our planned tempo run.  I just didn’t have it in me.  Usually, I’ll give it a try, but mentally and physically, I just couldn’t talk myself into it.  We had a really great run though and actually got almost 7 miles in.  We were so busy chatting and talking that we didn’t turn around when we were supposed to!  A group of us met to run early on Thursday morning.  It was already so hot and humid at 6am, I was thankful I only had 3 miles.  I got a mile in on Friday and started to stress Saturday’s morning run.  If all my runs this week were really stinking, how was Saturday going to go?!  I spent all day Friday hydrating like a crazy person!  I drank one big bottle of Essentia and worked on another bottle of water at school.  So how did my long run go?!  Amazingly well!!  I have no clue why or how, but I’ll take it.  I actually ran 16 miles a bit quicker than 15 last week and felt a million times better.  I was definitely in the minority on having a good run.  I can totally sympathize with all my running friends.  I was in their shoes just last weekend.  As the saying goes, you have to have some bad runs to appreciate the good ones!  I just know they are all going to have great runs next weekend!


Well….they did not go well at all this week!  With the exception of Sunday’s Greek Style Pork Chops, the rest of the week was a bust on cooking what I planned.  We had spaghetti on Monday and tacos on Tuesday then the rest of the week was a bust!  I didn’t take into account my and H’s open houses on Thursday and then Nick’s car was in the shop from Wed on, our home A/C decided to act up….  You can quickly see how the week just went off schedule!  We had some nights of leftovers, takeout and thrown together pieces parts of meals.  Not our finest week, but it is what is.  Hoping next week runs a little smoother!


Happy Week!







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2 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown – Marathon Training Week 8

  1. That is so true about running! You really have to appreciate the good runs; the bad runs remind us of that! Sounds like a great running week for you in spite of the heat!

    ~Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home

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