Chicken Orzo Salad Revamped

I started with this recipe, but really wanted to change it a little bit and revamp it to be a bit more flavorful and pull in some Greek flavors.  So I went with spinach vs argula and substituted feta for the goat cheese.  I also added in some cucumbers and Kalamata olives.  Everything is better with some Kalamata olives!  I started the pasta water and worked on chopping all of the veggies and olives.  I heated up the chicken strips after draining the cooked pasta.  I mixed the chicken, pasta, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers and olives into a bowl.   I added the oil, vinegar, salt and pepper tossed it just a bit to cover everything well.  Everyone topped their own bowl with a bit of crumbled feta. chickenorzo

PROS: Again, another easy recipe that requires very little prep and cooking time.  I really loved the changes I made to the original recipe.  It was very tasty and is awesome served warm or cold.  We had some leftovers too which I ate for lunch this week.  Definitely keeping this in mind for future weeks!

CONS: Not a thing!  From start to finish, easy peasy!



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One thought on “Chicken Orzo Salad Revamped

  1. What a great salad, it looks delicious. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome recipe with Full Plate Thursday this week. Have a great weekend and come back real soon!
    Miz Helen

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