Weekly Rundown and Race Recap

What started off as a shaky week with my running motivation ended up on a high note with our girls’ trip to Lynchburg!  Nothing like a girl’s trip to rejuvenate, re-motivate, and reconnect with each other.  It was just what I needed to attack next week’s runs!

Marathon Training: 6 weeks down, 12 to go!



I had to do a lot of my runs solo this week.  My friend, Christie, was on vacation this week and usually we end up hooking up to run on Mondays or Tuesdays together so that left me to my own for the first two runs this week.  A small crew of us met up on Wednesday to run and then I was back to solo again for Thursday and my quick mile on Friday.  Saturday was race day + 1 mile for Cara and I and Sunday was a recovery run to loosen up the legs.  I did great Monday, even getting in my hill repeats on a monster of a hill!  But by Tuesday, I had 3 miles scheduled and headed out and only got a mile in.  I just didn’t have it in me to run any longer so I called it a day and came back to the house.  My progression run went really well!  I kept a good pace and I was pleased with how we did!  Those are never easy! Thursday and Friday, I ran just solo miles.  I just wasn’t feeling like doing much more than that.


I was a regular Betty Crocker this week!  I killed it in the kitchen!  I cooked all of our planned meals and even added in a dessert!  GO me!  I really am embracing my inner cooker this week and even think I am starting to actually enjoy cooking.  It’s growing on me!  We finished the week with the Lime Cilantro Chicken.  It was super tasty and a big hit at home too!  A double win!limechicken

Race Recap

10 girls choose to run a half marathon in August!  Yes, we did it!  We completely lucked out on the weather.  A “cold” front found its way to Virginia and just in time for our race.  But with the cold front came rain, lots of rain.  We had to run the entire race in it, though I’d much rather have that weather vs hot and full sun, if I never have to see a puddle for awhile, I’d be happy.  While last year, it was a hilly hell of a run, this year, it was still hilly but not as hellish.  Cara and I stuck together for the first few miles.  Then we hit the hilly section and I felt pretty good so I went on solo, picking up my pace a bit.  I had some really great comfortable middle miles, just rolling along.  I totally skipped the mile 8 water stop and headed back down the hill to the greenway section.  I finally took another break at mile 11, walked a bit, and had a bit of struggle finding comfort again.  I regrouped a bit and finished strong to the end.  I finished with a 2:05:47.  Totally pleased and happy with that time!  All of the girls had a really good race!  Some of our group placed so we cheered them on during the awards!  Other girls got PR’s too, which is absolutely insane on such a tough course!  We had an awesome time and will definitely be back next year! lynchburglynchburgelevation

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