Treat Yourself Tuesday

This is a super duper running edition (with a few other treats thrown in) of Treat Yourself!

Firstly, I was in need of new running shoes.  My current pair of Adidas Boosts have 656 miles on them and they are starting to feel a bit “flat”.  Normally, a very cushy shoe, they aren’t as springy and I noticed my back was starting to hurt after my long run.  A sure sign for me that it’s time for new shoes! I got the exact same color I had before.  I just love that hot pink!20140803-082548-30348158.jpg


I also hit a huge sale at the store where I got my shoes.  All the clearance was already 40% off with an extra 10%.  So I grabbed two running tanks!  One’s more for after running or it would be perfect for BodyPump classes.  The other gray one is more fitted and it’s got a super cute mesh back to it! Can’t wait to wear them!20140803-082548-30348478.jpg


I also got the biggest anniversary treat!  I registered for the Gasparilla Distance Classic for Feb. 2015.  My friend, Cara, and I (and hopefully Christine too!) will be running the Mich Ultra Challenge, 4 races in 2 days!  And what challenge isn’t complete with a lot of bling?!  4 medals, 4 shirts, a huge Mich Ultra Challenge medal and a finisher’s jacket.  My kind of race!  I’m so excited! I caught an awesome sale on nail polish!  I can’t ever pass up buying new colors.  I grabbed these two colors from Sally Hanson: Please Sea Me (right)  and Jaded.  I thought they would look super together! strikes again!!  I grabbed this cute workout tank!  For everyone who knows me, GET IT! is my favorite phrase to yell out as we’re running.  I say it at least once a day and I’m super excited now to be rocking a tank with it on there! 20140804-082233-30153483.jpg

Share your treats too at Olives ‘n Wine for Treat Yourself Tuesday.

Happy Week!






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2 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday

  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that “get it girl” tank and think I may need to get one for myself! What a cute idea for a top! And I basically love everything in this post because, well, it’s all running related! Thanks for linking up!

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