Weekly Rundown- Back at it!

We are home now for the rest of the summer, which means that my workout routine becomes just that, a routine.  I’m slowly moving towards getting ready to school, but for now, I’m enjoying getting a few more weeks of training under my belt before the post work juggling of workouts begin!

Marathon Training:  5 weeks down, 13 to go!weeklyrundown


I got in all my runs this week and ended up with 29 miles for the week (121 for July!).  I also got to throw in a BodyPump class on Monday.  This week’s runs weren’t without some fun!  On Wednesday, I joined Runnerdude‘s Trainers (and friends) for a run from Di’lishi.  It made my 5 mile progression that much better!  The hilly route was tough.  A group of us hit a baseball game after our Thursday run! Perfect way to end another 5 mile tempo run!  My tempo went so well.  I felt really good and still had some gas in the tank for the cool down mile.  For my long run this week, we ran the Cannonball Half Marathon course which was great practice for pacing and just an easy way to not have to map a route.  I’m pleased with how my training is going but I do find as the miles climb, I am getting more tired.  I need to make sure that I’m eating a bit more consistent and getting enough sleep.  I’ve slowly fallen off of schedule again.  I’ll reign it in next week.20140730-221915-80355437.jpg20140801-194700-71220600.jpg


Other than Crockpot Spaghetti, we didn’t do much cooking this week.  Tuesday was a mish mash of whatever; none of us were very hungry.  For Wednesday, I made fro yo my dinner. Hey, I added in protein powder!  Thursday was ballpark food.  On Friday, we got takeout to celebrate our anniversary.  Next week, we’ll have to do better!


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