16 years!! Hells yeah!

Today is our 16th wedding anniversary and I want to shout it from the roof tops!

Happy Anniversary to my super husband, Nick.  When we stepped up to make our vows at 24 years old, I know that I didn’t think then what it would be like 16 years later.  I didn’t imagine where we’d be living, if we’d have an awesome daughter, if we’d have Lucy (our cat) still annoying the crap out of us, if we’d have jobs, if we’d be living near family still, if we’d be happy…none of that.  The only thing I knew that day is that I loved you enough to stand there, next to you, in a room filled with our family and friends and promise to myself and you, that we would be there for each other, that nothing that we’d ever face would be bad enough to not work through or support each other unconditionally, and that we’d work at creating the life that fits us.  I still love you, probably a million times more than I did that day because of who you’ve become, who we’ve become, how you are as a father and husband, and where we are headed together, still 16 years later.  So for this special day, I’m ready to keep “backing you up” and moving towards the next 16 years, whatever that may look like for us.  As long as I have you and H, it’s gonna be awesome!



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