WIAW #6 – Reset Eats

After a week of eating out and vacation treats this Wednesday’s edition isn’t nearly as exciting.  I did really well on vacation and still kept to my normal eating habits.  I did splurge a bit on some chocolate, I mean we were at Hershey!

This is what I ate on Monday.  Check out other’s WIAW over at Peas and Crayons.



Two cups of coffee and a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats.  (Does anyone else say “wheat” like Stewie does in those Wheat Thin commercials?  Hayden and I do it all the time now! haha!)2014-07-28 12.46.17Lunch

I had an early afternoon workout planned so I ate a pretty neutral lunch.  Turkey and cheese sandwich with some tortilla chips.  I was craving the salt.  I’m such a sucker for salty foods! 2014-07-28 14.26.04


My hubby was on cooking duty while I hit a BP class and a run this afternoon.  He cooked his best crockpot spaghetti yet!  He added in some chunk tomatoes and onion to the tomato sauce and it was perfect!  I helped myself to 2 bowls. 🙂2014-07-28 19.16.15


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