Saturday Morning Motivation

Hi all!  Happy WEEKEND and my first time hosting a linkup!!

Here is some Saturday quotes and goodies that provided me with some great motivation this week!  Hope it does the same for you!

My friend, Cara, shared this on my Facebook wall this week after our tough 12 miler.  It really just hit home!

enough(image source)

I posted this as my Facebook status 4 years ago and I’m thilled to see that I’ve gotten even better at this! 2014-07-22 09.05.12

My friend, Carole, posted a picture of a dandelion wire sculpture on my Facebook wall and I’m in awe.  I’ve never seen anything like this!  I have a tattoo of a dandelion and all my friends know that I am in love with all things dandelion.  The meaning behind the tattoo is two fold for me.  A dandelion signifies childhood, but it’s also a weed, which makes it tough to kill. 🙂

And finally, I just thought this was the best race theme I’ve EVER seen!  Move over mud runs, color runs, etc…here comes the Pay it Forward 5K!  The concept:  “After finishing the 5k, each runner will be given a water bottle with CASH inside. Each bottle contains anywhere from $10 to $500! Runners are invited to “pay it forward” by using the cash to donate to a charity or help someone in need.”  Unbelievably clever and awesome! Join in on the fun!  Share what motivated you this week!

What you do have to do?

  • Create a blog about what motivated you this week.  Was it a quote?  A picture?  Something awesome?
  • Linkup every Saturday here at Runnergirl in a Rocking World.  Include the Saturday Morning Motivation picture (below) in your post or sidebar and/or a link back to my blog.
  • Look at others’ posts and comment if something they shared rocks your socks!  Give them some love!
  • Help spread the word!  Invite others to join in!


Happy Saturday!

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