Travel Tip Thursday

Yesterday, we left for our vacation to Hershey, PA.  4 adults and 3 children on a 7 hour car ride is enough to drive you a little bonkers.  The last thing we wanted to do was to end up putting a damper on the trip before it even started!  So here are a few travel tips that work for us when making a long trek:

  1. Plan a “get out of the car” stop about halfway through the trip.  I researched a place to stop for lunch where we could all get out of the car and enjoy a little break.  Part of the fun of traveling for me is trying new places to eat.  I was thrilled to find the Food Truck Lot in Harrisonburg, VA.  The bitty girls had a great time eating and getting in some exercise before we got back in the car for the other half of the trip.
  2. My sister and I are both teachers so of course, we have to throw a little education in there.  She came up with a great idea to give the older girls a journal to write in.  I stopped by the dollar store and got some cute stickers and markers to let them decorate them on the way.20140723-104121-38481713.jpg
  3. Give them a map (or a map app)!  Hayden always asks us a half dozen times how much longer? So we showed her how to use the map app on our phones so that she can see how much longer we have easily.  It’s cut down on the complaining a lot.  Of course, I’m pretty sure she’s checking it every 5 minutes though!
  4. My friend, Katie, gave us the “booger” game idea! As you drive along, you look at signs and billboards, taking out one word and replacing it with “booger”.  It’s been one of our favorites and we actually find ourselves doing it even while driving around town.  We have some great laughs when someone makes the perfect substitution!
  5. Make a list!  We downloaded the Hershey app and brought along the vacation guide that I requested and we made a plan of what we wanted to do while we were up there.  We figured out where we might want to eat, what rides we had to go on and what other things we might try to do while we were there.  It gives the kiddos a bit of input and you also get to be a hero if you can make it all happen.

What travel tips do you have for keeping kiddos entertained on a road trip? Any suggestions.  We could really use them for the car ride home. 🙂


Happy Thursday!

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