Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan #5

As I was looking at my week and planning out my workouts, I suddenly realized I was less than 18 weeks out from the marathon that I might run and that I better start seriously looking at my training plan.  How did that happen?!  Luckily, the workouts I have been doing fit in well with what I should have already been doing last week.  OOPS!


Fitness plan:

Daily Challenges:  2 arm and one ab

Monday: 1 mile easy (after yesterday’s long run, I’m tired!) So listening to my body and doing just a mile today.

Tuesday: 3-4 miles easy (either a trail or a greenway run)

Wednesday: 45 minute progression run (4.5-5 miles)

Thursday: 3-4 miles easy (trail or greenway)

Friday: 1 mile easy

Saturday: A group of us are running on a part of the High Point greenway we never run on, so I’m looking forward to a different route.  I’ll have 10 miles.

Sunday: 1 mile recovery

Total mileage about 24 miles


Meal Plan:

We are just coming off a beach vacation and we’re kind of  “mealed” out.  After a few days of eating out, eating junk, etc., we are just kind of sick of food.  We’ll probably do some salads and some easy stuff just to kind of reset.  I’m not really planning anything too special for the week as far as recipes.  I do have some chicken and Italian sausage to use, so these are the three meals I’m thinking of for the week:

Avocado and Tomato Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with a side salad


Baked Pasta with Sausage, Tomatoes and Cheese

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salads (H’s favorite!)


Show some blog love too and visit Mommy Run Fast and Running with Racheal, where I linked my Fitness and Meal plan this week!


Have a great week!






5 thoughts on “Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan #5

  1. Hi Melanie, I co-host What’s for Dinner with Laura and wanted to say thank you for linking up! I feel the same way after days of eating out while on vacation. Mealed out!

    • Thanks for co-hosting! Glad to know we are in good company! After a week of eating anything we wanted to, it’s nice to just reset. Have a great day!

  2. Yay for marathon training starting soon- how exciting!! I always feel the same way after a lot of eating out, so ready to reset with lighter foods. The avocado-tomato grilled cheese sounds sooo good.

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