Italian Cooking Mojo

To continue in my pursuit of summertime cooking, I added in two new recipes this week, Greek Style Chicken and Quick Rotini with Tomato Sauce and Sausage.  The Greek Chicken was a hit last night!  Could I possibly go 4 for 4 on my cooking?!  Hopefully my Italian Grandma and Grandpa were looking down on me and would grace me with some serious cooking mojo!

When I first read the recipe, I knew that I would switch out the turkey sausage for real Italian sausage. Although, I like turkey sausage, Nick isn’t a big fan of it.  I also got a mix of mild and hot sausage for the sauce.  We like a little kick in our food but didn’t want it to be too spicy for Hayden.  It ended up being a perfect blend!pastapic

Nick helped me cook the sausage.  He took off the casing before putting it in the pan and crumbled up the links as he cooked it.  While he did that, I got the salted water boiling for the rotini and chopped up the arugula and onion for the sauce.  I added them to the sausage mix and we let that cook down just a bit more until the onion started to soften up.  About this time, the pasta was finished and we transferred the sausage into the pasta pot along with the crushed tomatoes and spices.  That came up to a quick boil and we threw in the pasta, stirring it all together.

PROS: Quick pasta dish!  I loved that everything was mixed together into one big pot at the end, which helps with cleaning up along the way.  The ingredients were all pantry items for us except for the arugula and sausage.  The flavor was amazing!  It reminded me of one of my favorite spicy Italian sausage dishes at a local restaurant.  I now know I can make a dish close to that for the same cost and feed all of us.  A big win for us!

CONS: The cost of arugula was a bit expensive, granted it smelled wonderful when I was chopping it.  I could only find a tiny packet for $3.59.  Next time, I’ll probably go with the suggestion on the recipe and use spinach.  We can at least make salads with any leftover spinach. pasta2


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