Here’s another edition of WIAW!  Of all the days I remembered to take pics of what I ate, it was probably the least appetizing day of food yet, with the exception of our dinner.   I need to take pictures of all the fabulous post run breakfasts and the huge burrito I ate last Friday night.

Anyways, here it goes:



Breakfast:  A cup of coffee and a bowl of Better Oats Oat Fit Maple and Brown Sugar (2 packets)

Lunch:  We had a great day at the pool with my sister and niece, so we made some quick turkey sandwiches before we headed back out for round 2.  I also had a side of cherries and a handful of pretzel Goldfish with my sandwich.  The cherries are SO good right now!

Snack:  A side of chips and salsa

Dinner: Greek style Chicken (one of my new recipes for the week), side salad, and potatoes (didn’t make it into the picture).

The Greek style chicken was a hit at our house with Nick and I!  Hayden liked the feta and olives, not so much with the tomatoes and onions.  Again, another easy weekday meal and it really took only 25 minutes from start to finish.  Nick was in charge of grilling the chicken, H worked on the salad, and I chopped and cooked all of the veggie portions of the Greek topping and potatoes.  I totally forgot to start the potatoes boiling before we started cooking, so they became more of a “dessert” item than a true side.

PROS:  A Kalamata olive with the chicken with the tomato and feta made for a perfect bite!  Love the saltiness from the olives with the chicken.  The tomatoes I got weren’t the prettiest, so the overall color of the topping was a little brown…not the most appealing. The taste overall was great.

CONS:  Unless you flatten the chicken breasts a bit, they aren’t cooking in only 6 minutes on each side.  We luckily did it anyways because the two pieces were huge!



2 thoughts on “WIAW #2

  1. Since chicken breasts tend to be so inappropriately huge (even when we buy the “natural” or organic), we’ll usually slice them through the middle to thin them out and get two normal size portions.

    • They were insanely big! We pounded the heck out them and it worked out perfectly. Usually we buy a different brand and they are already trimmed and more reasonably sized, but these were on sale. Thanks for the suggestion!!

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