Phew…what a year!

I have not blogged in a year! YIKES!  I saw my Indoor Insanity post from a year ago on the Timehop app and I realized that I really missed blogging.  I’m going to try to commit to posting once a week.  With summer coming, I may be able to keep up with that.  Fingers crossed.

So a lot has happened in the past year with life and running.  Most of it really happy and positive; there were also some life changing events too.

Here’s the running highlights:

  • Completed my 13 half marathons in ’13!  I was so excited to run 13 half marathons (many with friends).  It was an awesome opportunity to run several new races.   After the Indoor Insanity half marathon in June, I ran Lynchburg half (August), Asheville Half  (September), Danville, Baltimore, Greensboro (all three in October), the City of Oaks (November), and finished the year with Mistletoe (December).13 in 13 heart
  • Ran 2  marathons: Richmond (November 2013) and Wrightsville Beach (March 2014).  Richmond, although I ended up with a bum hip at mile 22, was awesome!  I ran with my friends, Cara and Daniel (both their first marathons!) and I had no expectations about anything.  I just wanted to be there for my friends.  I ended up with a PR even!  It was a great time.  Wrightsville, on the other hand, was awful.  Cara and I struggled from the get go.  I have sworn off beach marathons for eternity.  I’m currently 0-3 for good beach marathon experiences.  Not sure if it’s the flat courses, the humidity, the salt air, etc.  I’m only do half marathons at the beach, never a full.
  • My first 50 mile run at Crooked Road just a week after Richmond!  Over the course of the 24 hours, I ran 36 miles on Saturday and finished up Sunday morning with the other 14 miles.  I’m heading back to Crooked Road this year and I’m hoping to complete 60 miles.  We’ll see.
  • Still streaking!  At this point, I’ve run 403 days straight (at least a mile).  I’m trying to make it to 500 days now.  It’s become so much of my daily routine that unless I am really sick or become injured, I can’t see that I’ll stop any time soon.   I have several friends taking on the Runner’s World streaking challenge now!  I’m super excited for them.
  • My new love: PACING!  I’ve paced twice now, once at Myrtle Beach half (February 2014) and the other at the Greensboro Race 13.1 (May 2014).  I am addicted to it.  I have two more pacing halfs already lined up in September (Fayetteville and Raleigh, both Race 13.1) with Cara.  We are so excited!  Pacing has added a whole other dimension to my running.  I truly love it!

Life’s not just about running! We had some big family events too:

We have another addition to our family.  My sister, Julie,  had another baby, Isabel.  That makes a total of 5 granddaughters now on my side of the family.  GIRL POWER!

My superstar niece, Natalie, started kindergarten!

And some life changing ones too:

Of all the halfs I ran, Baltimore was my most memorable and it actually had nothing to do with the race itself.  We stayed with Nick’s grandparents in Annapolis, which is one of our favorite things to do!  We visit at least twice a year, once in the summer and once around Christmas.  This visit was special because we normally don’t visit in the fall.   It was nice to run the event, catch up with his grandparents and our close friends who live in Baltimore.  Little did we know then, that this visit would change our lives.  Nick’s sweet granddad got sick and passed away in November and his Maw Maw passed away just 6 weeks later.  We are forever talking about how everything happens for a reason and how thankful we were to be in Maryland to see them.  If it wasn’t for some silly idea I had to run 13 halfs in 2013, we wouldn’t have been in Maryland in October and we would still be saying “I wish we would have gone up there before…”

Running connects to life all the time, even if at first we don’t see it.


“In many ways, a race is analogous to life itself. Once it is over, it cannot be re-created. All that is left are impressions in the heart, and in the mind.”
-Chris Lear, in Running with the Buffaloes



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