Cinco de Run-o! Cinco de Fun-o!

May is here and it should be warm, sunny and wonderful, but right now, we’re dealing with wind, cold and rain.  I’m hoping that by the end of the week those 80 degree temps on the 7 day forecast aren’t just some sick joke.  I am ready to feel the sun and to finally put away all my winter clothes for good.

Even though the weather has been dreary, the month started off with some fun virtual events and a great Girls’ Night.  May 1st kicked off another “Run Every Day” month from I ❤ to Run.  I participated in their March event making it 12 days before I had to taper for Wrightsville.  It was the longest streak I have ever done, so though it wasn’t the full 31 days, it was still an accomplishment!  So with no races in May, I’m hoping that I can make it until the end of the month.  They also added in an additional challenge of running before the sunrise twice a week.  I’ll have to luck into that challenge. During the week, mornings are hectic enough without adding in a run. So unless I get a wild hair, probably not gonna happen.

On Thursday, a group of us all met to run a few miles together and head out to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for a little girls night, Cinco de Run-O, and patio time.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t get the invite and our patio time ended up being inside time, but it was fun nonetheless.  We grubbed on good food, enjoyed some big beverages and had many laughs.  Just the perfect night girls’ night out!

This week also was another 5 by the 5th.  I ran my 5 this morning during my 6 miler with my friend, Kathy.  It’s hard to believe that we only have just one more month left for the virtual race series.  It’s been a fun way to celebrate the start of each month and see some great progress on my five mile time.  Next month, I’ll run my 5 miles during the Indoor Insanity Marathon Relay.  Hopefully, setting a new 5 mile PR for the race series.

I wore my new Fellow Flowers We Run For Boston tech tee this morning on my run!  Love this shirt and it’s message, “You Cannot Destroy the Will of a Runner, We Run For Boston”!  All proceeds go to The One Fund, Inc.  It’s super soft and comfy.


7 thoughts on “Cinco de Run-o! Cinco de Fun-o!

  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series and seeing progress! Love that shirt- I ordered a similar one, but haven’t gotten it yet. And I’m so jealous of that girls night- I need one!!

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