Oatmeal and a Rainy Run

Kind of a random post today, but a lot has inspired me this morning.  I had the day off of work for a check-up doctor appointment, so I intended to make the most out of it!

So oatmeal…what can possibly be interesting about oatmeal?! Not much until my husband decided to buy Quaker Real Medleys oatmeal cups.  I’m not sure how “healthy” they really are, but they taste amazing!  I’ve been living off of a Chobani yogurt breakfast for over a year now and while I love my Greek yogurt, I’ve been wanting something a bit more hearty and warm.  I had the Cherry Pistachio cup this morning and it was the perfect treat after my run.  It had a good amount of protein and fiber and this may be my treat breakfast once in a while.

This week starts my “training”  for the Myrtle Beach half.  I’m not following a traditional plan this Spring, I’m just going to run 3-4 days a week, run between 3-5 miles during the week and a long run on the weekend.  I’m not concentrating on traditional speed or tempo workouts, but I will push and continue to increase my speed and/or stamina based on how I feel that day vs. some workout written on a piece of paper.  Since I’ve been doing that for the last month, I’ve been so much happier with my running and I’ve enjoyed it so much more.  When you have no time or pace goals in mind, it doesn’t leave any room for disappointment, which after Kiawah, I need.

It wasn’t my time in Kiawah that disappointed me, I ran the best I could given how I felt and I understand fully how much can go wrong (or right) in a marathon regardless of training.   At one point during the marathon,  I seriously considered picking up a discarded Chick-fil-a salt packet, laying on the road, in a baggie, because I knew that I needed sodium terribly. I even contemplated finishing the half when the split came but decided that I was not going to give up, even if it meant I had to walk for miles.

The thing that was disappointing was the fact that I trained hard, making all my pace goals and running 20 milers wonderfully for 18 weeks, to have it all fall apart by mile 11 on the day of the race.   If I would have finished the marathon at the same time, but felt really great, I wouldn’t need the time to love running again.  I finished feeling awful, drained, tired, and wishing I hadn’t started running that morning at all because I loved running at 5:30am, but not by 1pm that day.  So now for the Spring, I set time estimations for all races, 3 of them (low end, mid-range, and high end), and try to finish in that range of times ensuring I am happy with my performance.  Through all this, I’m falling back in love with running.

This morning, rain was in the forecast and I thought I’d enough time to run before the heavy stuff came through.  I got a mile into it and the bottom fell out, the rain started and it rainy runpoured.  I relived a less soaky version of the Flying Pirate half last year when it poured like I’d have never seen it rain before!  I love running in the rain, I really do!  Nothing makes me happier than getting drenched, jumping over puddles, and feeling like a badass at the end of the run, knowing that most people wouldn’t want to head outside in that kind of weather.  Makes me love running that much more!  We all loved rain when were kids, the bigger the puddles, the bigger the splash!  Rain runs are just that way for me.  I smile the whole way!

I intended to run an easy 5K but once I got out there, I turned it into a progression run.  My legs felt great after yesterday’s CXWorx class so I just went with it.  My time estimation was to finish with an overall pace around what I’d like for my half marathon pace (PHMP) in Myrtle, that was the mid-goal.  Low and high became about 10 seconds difference on either side from my PHMP.  I hit the high goal surprisingly, which gives me some confidence for the start of my training.

Workouts today:

  • 15 minute core workout
  • 5K run at 8:54 overall pace
  • Body Pump this afternoon

Happy Monday!


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